Formulation of a Sustainable Development Framework Plan for TVIRD Mining Operations’ Impact Communities and Surrounding Areas

The Project aims to help TVIRD attain the ideals of responsible mining and guarantee a  long-term and sustainable development for the Canatuan mining community and its surrounding areas. To do this, BTI was tasked to determine the effectiveness of TVIRD’s SDMP and formulate a strategic framework plan for the community that would operationalize TVIRD’s philosophy. The following has been provided to TVIRD:

a. Rapid Rural Appraisal which includes database, initial inventory of existing community resources and capabilities, social mapping and a situationer on the possible market linkages.

b. Assessment of the Sustainable Development Management Program for Canatuan and all about 27 impact barangays.

c. Strategic Framework Plan for the community featuring a sustainability program extending the value/impact or TVIRD’s operation way after its pul-out in the area.