Food Security and Nutrition Strategic Review for the Philippines, (2016)

World Food Programme (WFP)

The World Food Programme (WFP) has commissioned an independent Strategic Review around SDG#2: to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. This Review will complement the development of the new national plans and contribute to a comprehensive and integrated approach towards addressing food insecurity and malnutrition in the country. The Strategic Review is an independent, analytical and consultative exercise with an overall objective of determining what the Philippines must do to achieve SDG #2 and its accompanying targets by 2030.

The specific objectives of the Strategic Review are:
1. Establish a joint, comprehensive analysis of the context related to food security and nutrition within the targets of SDG #2;
2. Determine the progress that strategies, policies, and programmes aimed at improving food security and nutrition have made for women, men, girls and boys and identify key humanitarian and development challenges and gaps in the response, the available resources and the institutional capacity;
3. Provide an overview of the resourcing situation of the food security and nutrition sector;
4. Discuss the role of the private sector in achieving food security and improved nutrition;
5. Explore how South-South and triangular cooperation could contribute to achieving zero hunger in the Philippines, and could be used by the Philippines to help other countries make progress towards this goal;
6. Identify the food security and nutrition goals or targets established in national plans or agreed in regional frameworks to facilitate progress toward zero hunger;
7. Propose and prioritize actions for the government and its partners, including WFP, required to meet response gaps and accelerate progress toward zero hunger, and provide an overview of how these actions may be implemented and funded.

The findings and recommendations of the Review will contribute to national development planning, formulation and implementation of United Nations system-wide plans in the country, the engagement of other partners including international financial institutions, and the delineation of WFP’s role and portfolio of assistance in support of the Philippines’ humanitarian and development agenda.