Sexual Health and Empowerment Philippines Project Monitoring (2019-2023)

Government of Canada –  Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development (DFATD)


In 2017, the Government of Canada announced the funding of the implementation of Sexual Health and Empowerment Philippines (SHE Philippines) Project, which will run for five years (2018-2023) in partnership with Oxfam Canada (OCA) and will contribute to the country’s goal of reducing the unmet needs for couples, especially women of reproductive age, for modern family planning methods and teenage pregnancies.

By the end of 2023, the project will directly and indirectly reach 345,544 people (67% of whom are women) in six (6) regions, thirteen (13) provinces and twenty one (21) municipalities in the Philippines.

Given its wide coverage, big number of local implementers and the long implementation period of five (5) years, the Government of Canada through DFATD, has contracted BTI to conduct monitoring of the SHE Philippines Project and provide feedback on its performance.   More specifically, this monitoring project aims to:

a.  Establish a monitoring framework for the project;

b.   Monitor project progress and performance in achieving results;

c.  Monitor project management and overall operating structure; and

d.  Provide analysis, feedback and make recommendations to DFATD, as required to ensure appropriate execution of project activities and improve performance.