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Marian Pastor Roces

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Marian Pastor Roces

IMG_3581Ms. Roces enjoys recognition and respect in the international contemporary art, museology, and Cultural Theory communities.

She is the founder of TAO Inc., an agency specializing in museum and exhibition development. She worked as critical commentator on international art, culture, and politics supported by prestigious institutions worldwide. Her lectures and analysis have been published in different countries.

The Japan Foundation and the International House recognized her as an Asian Leader and awarded her work through a fellowship with the Asian Leaders Fellowship Program (2003). She edited and produced the ALFP monograph for the year of her fellowship.

She is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Cultural Research at the University of Western Sydney, studying the accelerated urbanization of Perth, Western Australia, in relation to identity politics and natural resource extraction.

Pastor Roces served as Editor, and TAO INC the production management team, in the publication of “Cory Magic” on the wake and funeral of President Corazon Aquino (ABS-CBN Publications 2009) and the “The Inaugural” on the inauguration of President Benigno S. Aquino III (December 2010).


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