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Economic Modeling, Futures Thinking and Capacity Building

Economic Modeling, Futures Thinking and Capacity Building

IMG20181023132459Economic modeling, futures thinking and capacity building further consist BTI skills. BTI has developed a number of pioneering economic models that aide planning and policy-making. Two of the country’s skilled and renowned modelers are BTI partners. BTI is able to have a better grasp of relationships among development dimensions and the shape of the future through the back-to-back use of models and multi-stakeholder scenario building exercises. BTI incorporates capacity building Рformal and informal Рin all its work whenever possible. It has trained government agencies (e.g. DBM and NEDA central and regional offices, Mindanao Development Authority, ARMM-CPDO) in planning, programming and M&E, and construction and use of various economic models.


Creation of the Regional Econometric Model for Gross Regional Domestic Product Target-Setting and Building Scenarios as Aid in Policy Making (2017-2018) 

Study on the Agglomeration Model for Mindanao Regions (2017-2018)

Business Risk Assessment and the Management of Climate Change Impacts Study, 4 Phases (2011-2014)


    To be an organization of sustainable development professionals that is acknowledged and respected for the impeccable quality, practical applications and innovativeness of its products and services.


    Generating innovative and integrative pedagogies and processes that will catalyze interfaces between and across various disciplines, social groups and local and international arenas in planning, policy-making, implementation, monitoring and assessment of sustainable development interventions.