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Workshop 16Planning, along with its associated processes and tools, is one of BTI’s core competencies. BTI formulates various forms of plans and frameworks such as strategic socio-economic and area development plans (e.g. Mindanao Peace and Development Framework); sector frameworks (e.g. Operational Framework for Rural Poverty Reduction); sustainability plans (e.g., Sustainable Development Framework Plan for Canatuan Mining Community); corporate plans (Technical Assistance to the Department of Budget and Management); and business plans (Formulation of Business Plans for each of DBM’s 32 units). It develops quantitative and qualitative tools and employs these interactively to strengthen planning processes. BTI’s path breaking works in this regard include the construction of the first Philippine Regional Computable General Equilibrium Model (PRCGEM), the first Regional Econometric Model (REM) for each of the six regions of Mindanao, and the first Mindanao Agglomeration Model. Its qualitative tools include own brand of various consultative and information-generating processes such as scenario building and community journey mapping.



Formulation of Mindanao 2020 Peace and Development Framework Plan

Sustainable Development Framework Plan for TVIRD Mining Operation’s Impact Communities and Surrounding Areas

Towards an Integrated Operational Framework for Rural Poverty Reduction in the Philippines

Technical Assistance for the Formulation of a Corporate Plan

Technical Assistance for the Formulation of Business Plans Supplemented by an Interdependence Mapping



    To be an organization of sustainable development professionals that is acknowledged and respected for the impeccable quality, practical applications and innovativeness of its products and services.


    Generating innovative and integrative pedagogies and processes that will catalyze interfaces between and across various disciplines, social groups and local and international arenas in planning, policy-making, implementation, monitoring and assessment of sustainable development interventions.