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Promoting Investments, Productivity and Competitiveness

Promoting Investments, Productivity and Competitiveness

???????????????????????????????Promoting investments, productivity and competitiveness has figured prominently in a number of BTI projects. BTI participated in the implementation of Business Risk Assessment and Management for Climate Change to assist the business sector and stakeholders in 16 key cities assess climate and disaster risks and determine strategic actions to, among others, protect and enhance productivity and competitiveness. It examined and recommended means for providing a continuous flow of needed skills to industries through its Jobs-Skills Mismatch Project. It had extensive work in investment promotion in Mindanao such as in Mindanao Economic Linkages Project that produced successful business cases and five Mindanao sector studies to guide investment in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM); and Connection, Cooperation and Commerce for Peace and Development in ARMM, which produced an investment guide and facilitated the direct connection of Manila-based investors with ARMM business people. BTI also provided research assistance to international consultancy firms in through profiling of about 20 cities focused on investment and urban issues.


Connection, Cooperation and Commerce for Peace and Development in Muslim Mindanao (2013-2014)

Business Risk Assessment and the Management of Climate Change Impacts Study, 4 Phases (2011-2014)

Mindanao Economic Linkages Project (2011-2012)


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