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Social Development and Protection

Social Development and Protection

DSC00850Social development and protection comprise a large part of BTI’s project portfolio. BTI assessed and provided recommendations for improving the country’s implementation of the: (a) Millennium Development Goals (MDG) program through the MDG Provincial Scorecard (UNICEF); (b) the poverty reduction programs Towards an Integrated Operational Framework for Rural Poverty Reduction in the Philippines; (c) Food and Nutrition programs; (d) Social Development and Management Programs in Canatuan Mining Community; (e) jobs/skills development programs; and (e) Agrarian Reform Program through the determination of Appropriate Economically Viable Land Size. As a policy and standard procedure, all plans that BTI formulated and policies and programs it reviewed ensured the coherent integration of social/societal/cultural, economic, environmental, political/governance, and gender dimensions, consistent with the BTI tradition and work brand.


Food Security and Nutrition Strategic Review for the Philippines (2016)

Towards an Integrated Operational Framework for Rural Poverty Reduction in the Philippines (2008-2010)

Sustainable Development Framework Plan for TVIRD Mining Operation’s Impact Communities and Surrounding Areas (2012)

Higher Education for Productivity Project (2013-2014)

A Comprehensive Study on the Appropriate Economically Viable Land Size by Type of Crop and Land Category Under Varying Bio-Climatic Zones and Technological Conditions (2010)


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    Generating innovative and integrative pedagogies and processes that will catalyze interfaces between and across various disciplines, social groups and local and international arenas in planning, policy-making, implementation, monitoring and assessment of sustainable development interventions.