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Stakeholder Consultation/ Participation and Facilitation

Stakeholder Consultation/ Participation and Facilitation

Stakeholder consultation/participation and facilitation are BTI’s strong points. Seriously employing these substantially improves BTI’s ability to produce good quality outputs. BTI’s consultative exercises have surfaced unexpected and seemingly unrelated issues – often to the surprise of participants themselves – for which participants are able to draw appropriate and innovative solutions. It employs techniques that drill down or unpack traditionally viewed issues to reveal unseen forces that drive them, and that encourage even the most timid participants to express themselves and participate in action planning. BTI has engaged virtually all types of stakeholders from all levels of government, private sector, national and local civil society organizations and networks. It has engaged poor communities, farmers, women, youth/students, indigenous peoples, the religious, leaders, secession groups (MNLF and MILF), academe and more.


    To be an organization of sustainable development professionals that is acknowledged and respected for the impeccable quality, practical applications and innovativeness of its products and services.


    Generating innovative and integrative pedagogies and processes that will catalyze interfaces between and across various disciplines, social groups and local and international arenas in planning, policy-making, implementation, monitoring and assessment of sustainable development interventions.