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The Final Decade

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The Final Decade

The Perils We Face

WE ARE ALARMED by the IPCC’s warning that:

  • •  Our oceans are warming, turning more acidic, hold less oxygen, and getting more stratified (with less mixing across layers);
  • •  Frigid zones are fast thawing, releasing huge amounts of green­house methane into the atmosphere, thus further accelerating global warming;
  • •  More extreme El Niño and La Niña will result from warming seas, triggering more severe weather events worldwide; and
  • •  Coastal flooding could become more frequent and more extreme, with seas rising much higher than previously anticipated.

WE ARE CONCERNED especially with drought, floods, extreme heat, and the attendant risk of pandemics, and how these:

  • •  Threaten our country and our national well-being in the years ahead, and those of other countries as well, and even more so beyond the next decade;
  • •  Raise the specter of escalating poverty and human hardship that the current COVID-19 pandemic is already bringing forth.

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